All You Need to Know About Plastic Export Pallets


When you pay attention to pallet selection and palletization practices for export, you are likely to get superior experience for the customer when they receive the product. There are some tips that you can use to choose the right pallets as well as palletizing so that your shipment is ready for international export.  First, you need to prepare the shipment for conditions that are extreme. There are usually many challenges that the shipment can face and these include temperature and humidity. You need to make sure that the shipment will be able to withstand compression, vibration and shocks and still arrive at the destination safe and sound.

The stacking patent that you choose for the shipment is crucial. For better compression strength, you are better off going with the column stack pallet pattern and this will be done by having the corners and edges at the top over the corners and edges below. If the products and boxes are strong, you can have the pallets interlocking and this will give the load great stability as well as strength. If possible, avoid pyramid stacking as you are better off having loads that are leveled. Overhanging the pallet is dangerous because you are going to lose compression strength and this will lead to risk of impact, puncture and even abrasion. For more facts and information about plastic pallets you can go to

Plastic pallets are light and highly recommended for goods that are prone to becoming wet or absorbing moisture. You will also get the best value proposition from the plastic pallets. However, you need to ask the customer what works best for the customer. Do not forget to use the plastic pallets with plastic skids so that you are able to comfortably double stack without doing any damages to the products in transit, click here to know more!

Usually, plastic pallets are competitively priced as they eliminate the chance of being detained at the entry point at the ports. Ensure that the pallets meet the application needs but you can be assured that heavy duty plastic pallets will meet these requirements. One of the benefits you will enjoy with plastic pallets is that they are hygienically clean as they can be cleaned with steam especially for goods in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The overall weight of the freight is going to reduce and this will let you save. There is variety when it comes to the different types of styles of plastic pallets that you can choose from, click here to get started!


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